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The GOUMBA™ 360 Dive Flag is the safest dive flag in the industry. Since the 1950s, divers and boaters have put their safety at the mercy of the existing dive flag- a small foam ball topped with red non-reflective cloth. A flag is only as good as its visibility and the old dive flag was more than ineffective; it was dangerous. There are more boats and divers in the water today than ever before and the GOUMBA™ Flag has risen to the challenge with a 360 dive flag available either on boat or in water. Order TODAY! For dealer inquiries, contact Dan Orr 919-369-0583 or

GOUMBA™ 360 Dive Flags's sole purpose is to make SCUBA diving, snorkeling, spear fishing and all other water sports safer. We have created an innovative flag that is more visible and sturdier which allows all boaters to see you from anywhere — even in the dark! Our goal is to make the waterways and water sports safe and fun for all including boaters. 

Dive Flag Testimonials

"I've had an opportunity to put the Goumba dive flag buoy to test, and I must say it works very well. The buoy is clearly visible in choppy waters, so it was easy to spot divers while drifting in any direction. There is no significant drag when towing Goumba on a reel, even at depth of 80 feet - the buoy's conical bottom shape glides smoothly through the waves, and the same time provides enough positive buoyancy to keep safely two divers and their gear on the surface."

— Marcin Michel, Utmost Tech LLC

"360 Buy Dive Flags is the best thing to happen to the industry in decades. These high visibility flags will save countless lives and will help ensure safety of SCUBA divers everywhere."

— Dr. Gabrielle K. Gabrielli, SEI, HSA, and CMAS certified SCUBA instructor,

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